I have been so distracted lately that I have not had time to post , so I’ll tell you now even though I love Brazil I miss my home so much ! We are living a 5 minute walk from the beach. The beach is beautiful. This is the first time I have ever even see the ocean. My brother and I like to go boogie boarding and snorkeling. On Saturday when we were walking on the beach my dad got it into his head that it would be a good to dive through the waves. Now, it didn’t turn out so good because he ended up spraining his ankle. So it was back home and in bed for him. He is feeling better today so he was able to go to work.



The Bobbsey Twins’ Toy Shop


THE BOBBSY TWINS’ TOY SHOP by Laura Hope. **** = good, you should read it!

I found this book in my Grandma’s bookcase. She read it when she was a little girl. It reminded me of Nancy Drew because it was about kid detectives. There are a bunch of Bobbsey Twin books in the bookcase. I look forward to reading them.

Trumpet of the Swan

TRUMPET OF THE SWAN by E.B. White, ***** = great, you must read!

Trumpet of the Swan is very good. It takes you to secluded lakes, busy bustling cities, and all over the country because of the adventures of a swan named Louis. Louis is a mute swan, yet he finds a way to make a sound and obtain his hearts greatest desire.

Books I’ve Read

I’m going to keep a list of all of the books I read. I will also discuss some of the ideas that I have after reading these books.

Rating System
* = bad, don’t read it!
** = not too good, wouldn’t recommend it.
*** = ok, not great, but would recommend it
**** = good, you should read it.
***** = great, YOU MUST READ!

Driving to Michigan

We went on a car trip today to Michigan! The trip was very long and tiring. Our dog was in the car with us. He kept wanting to go from the front to the back seat. It took us 12 hours to get to Michigan from Arkansas. It felt kind of scary to leave our house especially because someone else is going to live in our house wile we are gone. We are at our Motorcycle Grandparents house .We will go to our Silly Grandparents after a while . We are having a great time!